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Good morning everyone. I welcome you to our 2nd “virtual church service” this morning. I encourage you to make sure your spiritual life grows stronger during this period. Take time to listen to my message and ask God how you can apply this to your life. Remember, Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for our Salvation as you take communion today.

If you need communion, call the church first (304-564-3648) between 10am and 2pm Monday – Saturday.

Your Minister
Rick Tinsky

Please pray for:
All those infected with the virus.
All those affected by the virus and the subsequent limitations.
All of our healthcare workers.
The spread of the virus to be slowed and a solution to be found.
Most events have been postponed or cancelled. Please read the letter from our Elders discussing our plans during this time.

Our COVID-19 Plan
Welcome to the website of The Christian Church of New Cumberland. We are a Bible based church located in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. We’re glad you’ve found yourself on our website. Take a look around. Hopefully we’ll see you this weekend.
Here are a couple links to get you started:

What to expect
Mission Statement
Our Minister
Our Leadership