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Happy Birthday! Did you know today is the birthday of the Church? Pentecost is the day when God sent His Holy Spirit. Pentecost is the day the Apostles preached the truth about Jesus. Pentecost is also the day when, the Bible says, over 3,000 people not only heard the message about Christ’s Salvation, but they were baptized and received the Holy Spirit to live within their lives. That was the birthday of the Church.

May we celebrate this day with a renewal in our love, commitment and excitement to our Lord that we share to all we know.

Your Minister
Rick Tinsky

Please pray for:
All those infected with the virus.
All those affected by the virus and the subsequent limitations.
All of our healthcare workers.
The spread of the virus to be slowed and a solution to be found.
Most events have been postponed or cancelled. Please read the letter from our Elders discussing our plans during this time.

Our COVID-19 Re-opening Plan UPDATED 5/26/20