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Blessed Assurance

How can I be sure I’ll make it to heaven?
That question is asked in so many ways today. We have questions and doubts.
Sometimes those concerns stem from knowing ourselves.

For those who have never accepted Christ as their Savior, the answer seems quite simple: To begin a walk with God. Fall in love with God. Make Christ the Lord of your life.

(If you are not sure how to begin a life with Christ, I urge you to talk to someone today.)

BUT sometimes the question comes from Christians. Sometimes it comes from people who have been in church every week for years. And it is from that perspective the question becomes so important: How can I make sure I’ll make it to heaven?

Join us today as we look to God’s Word to find the answer to this question.

Your Minister
Rick Tinsky

Please pray for:
All those infected with the virus..
All those affected by the virus and the subsequent limitations.
All of our healthcare workers.
The spread of the virus to be slowed and a solution to be found.
Most events have been postponed or cancelled. Please read the letter from our Elders discussing our plans during this time.

Our COVID-19 Re-opening Plan UPDATED 10/26/20