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Parents, if you have not checked out BEDTIME STORIES by the SKIT GUYS, they are linked below. They have a great humorous way of telling Bible Stories for children (and the child in all of us).

>> Skit Guys <<

Things texted about Virus:

1. We’ve been in quarantine for 18 days and my 9yo has been talking nonstop for 20 of them.

2. My son just asked me if I when I was little I had to stay inside for COVIDs 1 through 18

3. When it’s bedtime and you go to put your kid in pyjamas but realise you never got them dressed in the first place

4. So we don’t go to restaurants, kids aren’t signed up for anything, and we are just staying home during spring break? Sounds like my childhood.

5. Our 4yo is insisting I help him build a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle before breakfast, so yes, we are definitely going to starve to death.

6. Please send your thoughts & prayers to my 16 yo I asked her to do something

7. My daughter just asked me where we keep our crow bar and I’m pretty sure that’s my cue to end the unsupervised play portion of our day.

8. My kids have been so needy during quarantine lately. Always wanting me to color with them and give them things like food and water.

9. Me: Get dressed. 7-year-old: Why? Me: We need to make things seem normal. 7: When were things ever normal? Me: I guess it’s pajama day.