Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends is an organized group of Christian women who meet approximately one time per month. Everyone welcome.

Our purpose is:
To plan and organize fellowship dinners
Soup/Salad/Sandwich luncheons
Mother’s Day Banquet
Father’s Day Brunch

To plan and organize community outreach
Back to school giveaways
Angel Tree Program
Help with free clothes closet
College care packages

To participate in community events
Down by the Riverside
Fall River Fest
N.C. Christmas Parade

To volunteer time/supplies for youth activities
Vacation Bible School
Summer. J.O.Y. Club
Christian Endeavor

To participate in ladies outings
Spring retreat at Lake Mount Church of Christ
Women of Faith
Ladies Retreat of Elkhorn Valley Christian Service Camp

To raise money for special events.

We sponsor a World Vision child.
Out little bit is from Zimbabwr. We send and receive regular correspondence with him.

We are always looking for new ideas.