Little Blessings Preschool May Newsletter 2023

Little Blessings Preschool May Newsletter

From Pam at Little Blessings

                      It is hard to believe the end of the school year is here already. During this month we will continue to review all numbers and letters. We will also complete all Bible Stories.

                      Thursday, 5-11-23 will be our last day of school. We will have a year end party. It will be here at the School that day. Children are to arrive at 10am that day. Parents may stay for the fun.

                      Graduation for students in group 1 and 2 will be on Friday, 5-12, at 7pm at the church, students need to arrive by 6:30, Please No later then 6:45. As this will allow us time to prepare and organize the children . Everyone is welcome to attend our graduation ceremony. A pre-program video of the year in review will begin at 6pm. We will have a list up for donations needed for our graduation party. If your child will not be attending graduation, Please let us know so we can make plans for them.

                      If you or someone you know is planning to register or interested in registering your child for the next school year. Please le t me know as soon as possible. We are quickly filling up and we will be limiting our class sizes. Please be sure to turn in your paperwork, If you have any Questions Please do not hesitate to ask or call.

                                     It has been an honor to spend time with your little ones and to be able to teach them something while they were here. 

   From everyone here at little blessings It has been a great year. 

                              Pam, Courtney, Jessica, Joyce, Michael and  Chelle

Pam’s Cell 304-670-3825